How We Got Started

We’re a family operated custom holster manufacturer based in Central Texas.  We specialize in custom thermoplastic gun holsters and gun accessories.

We are license to carry holders and law abiding civilians that carry a weapon daily.  We couldn’t find holsters in the marketplace that matched our needs, so we decided to build our own.

One of our owners is a civilian tactical instructor, certified under Brian Hoffner, Master Peace Officer in Texas and Senior Instructor for the Houston Police Department.  That experience, paired with our participation in shooting sports is essential in our designs; allowing us to create a holster with a fast draw, while maintaining excellent retention.

We have set out to design reliable, safe, retentive holsters.  We hope you enjoy our designs; we make every effort to customize your order to your specific needs. 

Thank you for the opportunity at your business. If you’re not completely satisfied with our standard products, we guarantee a full refund less a 10% restocking charge within 7 days of shipping.  We will make every effort to customize to your specific needs.   NOTE:  Any custom options or customized products ordered (this includes our Competition SafeCarry Challenger holsters) will not be refunded.  We guarantee function and operation as built.  We will not refund any customized product.   



Please be advised that Double Click Holsters “DCH” are tested and built for DCH Level I and II retention standards.  This product is designed and intended to retain the specific weapon it is made for.   DCH recognizes that all holsters have the possibility of less than 100% retention.  Please use caution when using this product.