Video Descriptions:  Here are some short videos demonstrating our Thumb Slide Retention & Release Non-Mechanical Gun Holster, AKA the SafeCarry RANGER  (SCR).  You can see that the gun is locked into the holster and unable to be drawn until you engage the thumb release by sliding it towards your body; only then, can the weapon be drawn and comes out very smoothly.  The SafeCarry RANGER is affordable, safe, effective, and reliable.  We stand behind our designs and field test them before we sell them.  We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our holsters and manufactured products.  *SafeCarry Ranger is US Patent Pending.& Trademark 2016.

SafeCarry Ranger/Products Video: 

Holster Destruction Testing Video:  We put our SafeCarry Ranger holsters through a variety of destructive tests.  Watch us drag, drop, beat, run over, and try to pull apart.  The results are impressive and entertaining.  Thanks for watching!