The SafeCarry Ranger is our Patent Pending, non-mechanical double-retention RT-2 holster.  RT-2 = Two points of retention to deter an unathorized extraction or an accidental extraction.  

    Our design is unique to the industry in that there are No Buttons to Push, No Snaps to Unsnap; our SafeCarry Ranger has two retention points 1) trigger guard and 2) top of the pistol.  It's a NO FAIL EXTRACTION DESIGN, meaning that you'll be able to safely extract your pistol.  Simply slide the built-in SafeCarry thumb retention/release towards your body and tactically draw your pistol.  

    Our SafeCarry Ranger is FORM-FITTED, and rides closer than any other multi-retention holster that we've found on the market. Our holster provides safety to the user in most any situation and peace of mind that his or her pistol will remain with them through a variety of outdoor activities such as: hiking, hunting, 3 gun  and pistol competitions, 4 wheeling, motorcycle riding, and horseback riding-- to name a few. Our holsters are handcrafted in Texas, USA.  


    Designed For: 

    • Concealed/Open Carry

    • Plain Clothes Law Enforcement

    • Hunters and Outdoor Sports

    Watch a short demonstration video of the SafeCarry Ranger in action here.

    *SafeCarry Ranger is US Patent Pending and Trademark by DoubleClick Holsters, LLC.